About Me

Hey everyone! My name’s Feri. Photography is my biggest passion; I first picked up a camera at the age of 13 and discovered a talent and enthusiasm that I hadn’t found in anything else up until that point. Once I had finished school, I decided to pursue a career in photography. I graduated with a BA in Photography in 2015 and have been taking on freelance photography for several years. I started up the Feri Photography website for everyone to finally be able to see my gorgeous clients and what I do. 


People always ask me what kind of photography I specialise in. The answer is simple: anything and everything! From babies to weddings, drag shows to birthday parties and christenings. Most of my current portfolio, however, revolves around baby photography, which are probably my favourite shoots because the cuddles and the giggles never get old! 


So, a few simple facts about me: I’m a tea addict, I smile like the Joker from Batman, I talk a lot when I am nervous...and I always talk about food, think about food, and wondering when I'm going to eat next… 


Please feel free to get in touch using the Contact section below. I look forward to working with you!